Program & Session Fees

To make it simple and easy for you, there are multiple payment methods available, both in the clinic and when you have a home or school visit.

We accept - cash, cheque, credit card, Paypal and direct debit

Please include your SURNAME & Date of Service in the description so that our accounts team can process your receipt for funding claims more quickly.

You can also choose to complete a recurring transfer for the total of your therapy block or group services. This will help you set & forget to limit the number of times you need to fumble through our wallet at the end of your appointments

Funding rebates may also apply depending of your referral and level of private health insurance cover. To check your eligibility please refer to your provider and/or discuss with Occupational Therapist PRIOR to your session, as many referral options require additional paperwork to be submitted.

Program & Session Fees


Initial Appointment - $240
- Assessment, summary letter, goal setting & follow-up with teachers and other health professionals

Initial Appointment with OT Plan - $200
- With previous OT report (within 12-months) is provided
- Review, goal setting & follow up with teachers

Report writing - $75 - $100
- Full peadiatric reports including education - $100
- BOS special provisions - $75

Occupational Therapy Sessions - $140
- Clinic/home/school visits
- 50-60mins duration
- Includes education and follow-up with teachers and other health professionals

Occupational Therapy Treatment - $50-100
- Clinic/sporting location
- 20-45mins duration
- Includes handover to coaches and other rehabilitation professionals as required



Groups and Therapy Blocks 

Weekly School Based Therapy - $100/week, 10x sessions

Food Group - $95 upfront & $30/fortnight, $200 in total

Food Group (each sibling) - $50 upfront



School / Educator Planning Meeting (30-45mins) - $100

School / Educator Review Meeting (20-30mins) - $60


Executives and Entrepreneurs

Exploration Session - $397
- Assessment, goal setting & treatment plan presentation
- Targeting stress management and productivity from a Developmental, Neuro-Affective, Sensory Integration perspective and treatment methods

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