Sensory Diet

The following interventions are a few examples of how our occupational therapists may support an individual with sensory processing difficulties 

Sensory diet
This involves prescribing a ‘diet’ of sensory activities for a child to complete throughout the day. These activities will be tailored by your occupational therapist to help a child maintain the “just-right” level of alertness throughout the day. 

Therapressure brushing protocol
The Wilbarger Protocol (also referred to as brushing therapy) involves brushing the body with a small surgical brush throughout the day. This technique has seen noted improvements in processing of sensation when implemented in an individualised program by a trained therapist. 

Oral-Tactile technique
The Oral Tactile Technique, is a technique aimed at supporting children with oral defensiveness. Those with oral defensiveness may exhibit behaviour such as trouble eating certain foods or brushing teeth etc. Utilisation of this technique requires a trained therapist and includes using a finger to specifically swipe along the inside of a person’s mouth. When utilised appropriately and correctly prescribed, this may support an individual with management of oral sensation.