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RE-RUN : LIVE Q&A - Trauma Webinar

Simply add your details to the form below to receive a link to the LIVE Q&A that Jacky and Kate will be hosting on Tuesday 21st February from 7pm (Sydney) 4pm (Perth). 

In case you have seen the re-run yet, click on the link to watch it now

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to Jan 31

REBOOT Sport - Online Series Launch

We hope you get as excited as us about this BRAND NEW LAUNCH!

3 years in the making and it’s finally HERE!!!

Get ready to totally transform your performance with REBOOT

There are three aspects to REBOOT Sport and a framework of thinking which is referenced from current theory and intervention/techniques which create sensory integration and neuro-sensory developmental changes.

  • Online Webinar Education System
  • Personal Mentoring for Elite Coaches
  • Hands-on Treatment for Athletes

Check out the REBOOT program here

About REBOOT: Jacky Peile and the team at Early Links have been building the REBOOT Sport program for the last 3 years, and now it's ready for launching.
Our mission is to give athletes and coaches a fresh approach when it seems that everything else has reached plateau - the sensory integrative process.

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6:30pm 6:30pm

Webinar - Core Activation and Performance Success

Occupational Therapy can be used to support improvements in functional movements, from a neuromuscular and developmental aspect. Both hands-on and activity based relearning is supported through exploration and discussion. This WEBINAR provides coaches with an opportunity to build their understanding of key points within "function-developmental neuro-physicological" movement patterns. The building blocks for complex and skilled movements which are often overlooked in other treatment and coaching principles

Learn more...

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to Sep 12

WORKSHOP - Student Professional Development

Students of Occupational Therapy who have a passion for learning...you're invited to attend a special training event with the Team from Early Links on Sunday 11th September. Topic covered will help you make a positive impression on your supervisors and excel your clinical reasoning and the development of your professional identity.

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to Aug 22

REBOOT Retreat

REBOOT on Cockatoo Island was an enjoyable relaxing event that helped four (4) people to realise they were stressed and not managing their stress-behaviours well. We will be posting a BLOG later this month with the outcomes of their progress.

A huge thanks to Kate from Calm and Connected, who supported the program
Will from Surprise Me Chef, who catered
Karlie from Coco Motion Mumma, who taught us about essential oils

For more information and/or to book yourself into the next REBOOT Retreats, click on the link to enter your details. http://events.earlylinks.com.au/reboot

Melbourne in November

Perth in December

Queensland in January

Sydney in March

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9:00pm 9:00pm

New Website Content - It's Ready!

Our team has been working round the clock with the help of University students to bring you new information about the way we practice, the interventions you may wish to learn more about and how Occupational Therapy might just the answer you weren't looking for...

Early Links has a purpose - to build and share the "human instruction manual" so you understand when it's time to seek help on those little daily challenges you ignore. 

It's not an easy task, but we are enlisting the help of our students, research graduates from US Universities and our consulting clinical experts. We'd also love your help - if there is something you think "how could OT help me do better" - we'd love to hear about it...

Check out these pages and add comment below - 

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Do you postpone family outings or refuse to organise them at all?
Worried about how your child's behaviour will effect the day?

Our volunteers and Occupational Therapists are here to help...
Join us for #ZooDay16

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to Apr 24

Camp Jabiru

Jacky, Sabrina & Cassie are all excited to be joining over 40 Occupational Therapists this week at Camp Jabiru - helping children with neuro-developmental and behavioural challenges to experience school holiday camp with all the support they need to have FUN...

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