Soft Tissue Treatment

Using a combination of trigger point release, myofascial treatment, stretching and strengthening, plus education about the impact positional and repetitive movements, soft tissue OT can have a positive effect on overall performance. Chronic pain, tension and balancing muscle patterns following acute injury/incident, are all aspects of typical movement and occupation that can be supported through the use of soft tissue OT.

Studied as a postgraduate course, soft tissue OT is a specific area of practice which is provided by therapists at Early Links. 
This practice does not include manipulation of joints and/or pressure directly on underlying organs/nerves. Soft Tissue OT does use techniques aimed at reducing "knots" in muscles and returning optimal muscle movement/function, including balance between opposing muscle groups. Early Links OTs will often combine soft tissue practice with functional neurology techniques to optomise the neuromuscular results - aka "relaxation and connection to body movement"

Depending on your condition, your Occupational Therapist may suggest including soft tissue treatments in your next session.
Most commonly used within the stage 2 of an Achievement Plan and/or with athletes in the maintenance phase of their Performance Plan.

ReBOOT Framework and Pathway

Early Links work under a newly defined REBOOT Framework for clinical reasoning and interdisciplinary practice. The aim of this framework is to provide a process for health professional to communicate their knowledge with clients and other key personnel, outside of a health profession. By presenting the models of practice and academic influences that the Early Links Team use to guide their decision making, we aim to increase your understanding of how Occupational Therapy can make daily life easier.

There's no doubt; we all have a different story and different experiences to share which influence the challenges we have, but this framework and additional models for practice allow our Occupational Therapists to find the gaps in learning, development, abilities and supports which can be improved to achieve more meaningful participation in activities you enjoy or need to do.

ReBOOT Framework.PNG

Domains of Ability

  • Sensory
  • Motor Patterns
  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Regulation
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Cognition
  • Motor Planning
  • Social 
  • Community Awareness
  • Executive Function




REBOOT Pathway.jpg

The REBOOT Framework has a training package which Occupational Therapists complete to strengthen their clinical reasoning and artful use of intervention techniques. 

The REBOOT Framework can provide a snapshot of any situation, while also supporting discussion about therapeutic planning and goals setting.


More information about the academic content is due for release in late-January, including outlines for how various models and frames of reference have influenced the development of the REBOOT framework. 

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