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Mentoring and Coaching are important aspects to any career development. From the initial stages of choosing potential experiences right up to taking the next steps to redefine your career.

Opportunities to join our group programs will be available in February 2017, although individuals can have a Quick Chat with Jacky today and explore options that suit your needs and desired learning objectives.

Our programs are mostly aimed at sports coaches and health professionals, however, the principles in Occupational Therapy relating to making daily life easier can to increase productivity and achieve goals more effectively. 

The benefits of knowing that someone else is there to ask you the tough questions that you already know the answers to is key to success....and one phone call could change everything! 

Explore how Occupational Therapy could open up new opportunities for you...

What is Mentoring?

Asking the right questions,
at the right time,
in the right way,
to find the right answer,
to overcome a challenge you already understood
but didn't have the awareness to solve.  


Mentoring is a discussion and learning based process that involve trust and partnership to reach the agreed goals. At Early Links, our mentoring program has several different forms, including; professionals looking to change their workplace culture, to university students trying to excel in their places, to school students looking to explore a career in health. The principles remain the same. 

Our mentors will establish your goals in mentoring, then help you to put structure and planning around these goals. Having a VISION for the future is a large component to our mentoring program. This does not have to be a refined Vision, that takes time, but there needs to be an inner drive to know more, do more, be more...this passion and curiosity are what drives the mentoring process and when active, it is what drives the,mentoring process. 


What is Occupational Therapy for Professionals?

Occupational Therapy is the applied science of helping people achieve their goals in daily activities. Our role as Occupational Therapists is to help people of all ages and stages in life build skills, leverage tools and gain support that makes the life we imagine ourselves living easier to reach. Regardless of how successful we become there will always be subtle adjustments we can make in the routines, strategies and outcomes we expect in our daily lives. We can learn how to better influence and accept change in our environments, with our colleagues, friends and family, while looking to manage our our stress and wellbeing

Find out how Occupational Therapy might support your further success