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As the Team Leader, Jacky provides mentoring for each Team member regularly. Jacky's goal is to support the passionate people on the Early Links Team by creating a strong culture that attracts more passionate people. From a young age Jacky has been fascinated with Leadership; attending Girl Guides from age 10, being involved in SRC in primary & high school, and being a part of various sporting and health-related committees. More of Jacky's personal story can be seen in these videos, publications and blog posts.

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Too often people try to label what they don't understand. Living the entrepreneurial journey is a roller coaster of emotions and the challenge of knowing which way is UP, changes from moment to moment. The guiding light is the vision that we hold for ourselves, the mission we share with people on our team and the values we hold dear to our heart. Entrepreneurship describes the people crazy enough to act in a way that draws people into their vision of how the world should be, supports them to work diligently on the mission and holds the accountability for the values that will see achievement made with light hearts. 
As a label, entrepreneurship is surface level and careless
As an action, it's powerful beyond imagination

Keep a look out for when these BLOG posts go-live in the next few weeks...

  • BLOG - Back injuries and Rowing Career (coming soon)
  • BLOG - Business and entrepreneurship (coming soon)

  • The Entourage – Entrepreneur Development Course (3rd year graduate 2016)

  • The Game Changers – Personal Development Program (2015)

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