Occupational TherapISts work with you to achieve your goalS

Occupational Therapists at Early Links have received additional training in areas which include; Trauma, Autism,
Sensory Integration, Therapeutic Listening, Motor-Development, Soft Tissue & Craniosacral Therapy techniques, and Fussy Eating to support the achievement of performance goals across all stages of life.

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Our Promise

Early Links provides mobile Occupational Therapy services because your daily challenges need to be seen and experienced first-hand. Overcoming challenges within their context will help us to understand their impact on your achievement.

Jacky Peile has been leading the Early Links team since 2010 and has guided Early Links to provide services that are evidence-based, client-centered, & goal-oriented.

Our team is here to listen and work with you towards achieving the abilities that help you to live the life you imagine. We all have a story to tell and our Team would love to support your goal achievement and daily performance.

No waiting lists - If we cannot see you quickly, we'll help you find someone who can

Goal Setting - creating plans and celebrating achievement using the S-PaCe method

Evidence-based approach - our commitment to professional development and clinical excellence


The Early Links Team are passionate people who are continually supported to develop the skills
they need to help you improve your performance and achieve what is most important in your life.

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