Love Real Food

Love Real Food is a group program to help children and their families who find meal-times a challenge because of fussy eating habits and a dislike of trying new foods. We run classes each school team for eight (8) weeks with an Occupational Therapist and a Nutritionist. 

Families can choose to begin with an education based approach which supports learning about food and playfully engages children in food exploration without many of the associated behaviours they have created in the home environment. The groups run out of Caringbah Girl Guide hall, 5 Jacaranda Rd, Caringbah, on Monday and Friday afternoons.

Following your first term at Love Real Food, there are two groups to choose from should you have additional goals to achieve. 

  • Food School
  • Cooking School

Does your child:

  • Refuse to try any new foods?

  • Have a very particular repertoire of foods he/she will touch?

  • Have difficulty making it through mealtime?

How We Can Support Your Child

The myth about eating is that it only requires trying foods, chewing, and then swallowing. In reality, eating requires a whole set of skills that include our senses and preference, the ability to sit and attend, as well as fine and oral motor skills. Our therapists will be able to help you discover what challenges your child is facing when it comes to trying new foods and give you  the right strategies on how to approach these behaviours with playful engagement. Our Love Real Food group pays close attention to these developing skills whilst providing exposure to all food groups to improve your child’s behaviours around food.

Details about potential groups for Term 2, 2018 

  • Monday 4-5pm (Introduction Group) - Caringbah Guide Hall
  • Friday 4:30-5:30pm (Introduction Group) Caringbah Guide Hall


If group minimum numbers (6 families) are reached -  

  • Monday 5-6pm (Cooking Class) - Caringbah Guide Hall
  • Wednesday 4:30 - 5:30pm (Food Playtime) - Caringbah Clinic


Expressions of Interest
Additional locations may begin based on expression of interest information

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