Volunteers & Experiences

EarlyLinks also offers opportunities for individuals to volunteer with our team! This is a great opportunity if you are interested in working in healthcare, to develop practical skills and learn from our unique approach.

This may include short term opportunities such as work experience for school. If you believe your skills and experience can support our team to make a difference in the lives of others, send in a volunteer application here.

University Student Placements

Early Links is a fast‐ paced clinical setting in which students will be encouraged to become part of the team from day one. Students are expected to share their past experiences and be independent thinkers.

Students will have multiple supervisors, in both a peer‐learning and team based supervision approach. Mentoring will be directly provided by Jacky Peile, owner and team leader each week in a one‐ one setting.

This is a great opportunity for student therapists to develop clinical reasoning, practical skills and learn from our unique approach.

Mission, Vision, Values


To see more people live the life they imagine with
practical strategiesthat make life easier

“Imagination is not a dream...

A dream has no limitations, but with imagination,
there are no barriers to real achievement”


To become a clinical centre of excellence that supports passionate people to inspire improved performance with all Australians

Developing partnership with key organisation in health and education
Quality mentoring for our Team and other professionals
Delivering innovative programs that address the needs of our community


  • Curiosity - Awareness of inspired moments brings positive action

  • Vulnerability - Understand that the challenges within your story make you brave

  • Resilience - Choose the response and grow from experience

  • Partnership - Build on the expertise that everyone brings to the situation

  • Education -  Learning is key to teaching that will guide thinking

  • Celebration - Measure and monitor the quality results, and share the success






It may be helpful in getting to know us better to read our story

Clinical Excellence Program

Each member of the Early Links Team completes a Clinical Excellence Program each year.

This program provide opportunities to access external mentors, education resources, and training, with ongoing assessment of competencies in both clinical applications and professional practice. Included in the program is personal mentoring which assists individuals adapt their learning and find their purpose/passion in life.