ReBOOT for Entrepreneurs


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ReBOOT for Entrepreneurs is all about the experience of finding daily activities easier!

We work so hard as entrepreneurs to make something, create something, deliver on something. We focus our attention on our leadership and management styles, for the best results from our team an partners. We read, learn, and discover ourselves through meditation, yoga, mentors, and coaches...but it all takes effort and for some people it's overwhelming and the results don't follow, or are not sustainable...At Early Links, we believe the daily things can become easier...and it's not through practice!

The development of the human brain, body, mind, heart/soul is an evolution which started long before we were born with our genetics and epigenetics, then our experiences shaped our perception of the world, and indeed the pathways and connections within the brain. Science has evolved to allow us now to test, treat, and re-wire these pathways to maximise efficiency and reduce energy and sconscious effort requirements.

We use a approach called Affective-NeuroSensory-Development which treats all aspects of the Human existance from the ground up, and supports the existing top down mindfulness which is required to experience the world more consciously.


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