REBOOT - Sports Performance

From Plateau in Performance to Accelerated Achievement

Sports REBOOT is an Occupational Therapy program designed to assist sports coaches to identify and strengthen the underlying missing links in sensory integration which support an athlete's’ performance. This program aims to connect with existing training programs and collaborate with ongoing rehabilitation plans. Within a sports program the athletes have expert support for their physical, their psychological, their medical, and their dietary/biochemical well-being, however. the impact of sensory sensitivities, self-regulation, and sensory integration on performance and recovery is often undervalued or misunderstood.

What is Sensory Integration?

What does Sports REBOOT offer coaches?

Sports REBOOT has two phases, an education series for coaches looking to learn about sensory integration and other developmental neuroscience principles, including ways to implement these strategies independently or within an existing coaching framework. 6 week Education Program - 

Introduction Webinar (available as an online video to review after presentation) -
“Could sensory integration be the missing link in creating highly successful athletes”

~ Six, 90-minute webinar presentations, held weekly on an evening - recorded materials available for review

~ Activities and follow-up exercises to trial and practice

● Teamwork - “Interdisciplinary approaches to core stability and links to performance”

● Wider thinking - “Helping athletes be high achiever outside of sport too”

● Injuries - “What assists in injury management and exercise compliance”

● Baby-steps - “Developmental movement analysis in complex skills”

● Emotions - “Keeping communication open when the thinking brain shuts down”

● Next level - “Let’s help to stop triggering a stress response 100x each second”

~ Ongoing group calls and options to review speciÚc athletes each week

Course begins - February 2017

Personal Mentoring

Additionally, there are three (3) places available each year (Sydney-based) for personal mentoring within an organisation or sporting team where coaches have access to weekly face-to-face teaching and treatment options. Understandable, highly performing athletes require a highly performing coach who can maintain energy levels, divide attention, manage workloads and keep calm in high pressure situations. This personal mentoring program also considers the importance of high functioning within coaches brain/body connectivity. This includes sensory integrative and tension reducing treatments for the coach, which will assist with maintaining high performance throughout all aspects of the organisation.

- Direct teaching of the 6-stage Education Program (within 1-1 or in-house team)
- Sensory integrative based technique analysis for athletes

What does Sports REBOOT offer athletes?

Athletes have the option between soft-tissue treatment sessions and/or the full assessment and sensory integration program. During a treatment session aspects from the RECOVER component will be implemented to reduce body tension, or support existing early stage rehabilitation plans. During an assessment session (and subsequent session), aspects of RELAX and PERFORM will be thoroughly evaluated to find where/how the athlete’s diÜculties can be improved.


SOFT TISSUE - Using trigger points and analysis of restricted movements to reduce body tension

FASCIA RELEASE - Applied multi-directional pressure to realign fascial structures to re-spread load

MASSAGE - Swedish massage to warm/relax areas of the body, plus redistributing retained ꨆuid

STRETCHING - Guided and assisted stretching techniques to improve ꨆexibility


SENSORY PROCESSING - Addressing the need for movement intensity when limited by precautions

PROBLEM SOLVING - Often simple daily activities can become more challenging due to injury

CREATE ROUTINE - Understanding the additional responsibilities can help plan rehabilitation exercises

EDUCATION - Assisting athletes to comprehend the information about their injury/rehabilitation


SENSORY INTEGRATION - Discovering how well the brain calibrates sensory information for action

FUNCTIONAL NEUROLOGY - Understanding the relationship between sections of the brain and action

DEVELOPMENTAL MOVEMENT - Smooth effortless movement is developed from birth, and then refined

TECHNIQUE ANALYSIS - Applying complex clinical reasoning to improve specific technical faults


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