Sensory Play Group

Sensory Playgroup was started in 2014 by Occupational Therapist Jacqui Efthimiou who has two young, active boys of her own. 

In 2015, Jacqui recruited the help of Early Links OT Services to assist with the growing number of families who were benefiting from the Sensory Playgroup programs.

In 2016, we are taking a short break from services and, with the help of the OT Students from Sydney University, we are redesigning the Sensory Playgroup concept to provide more specific support and resources to families.

Our mission is simple - to help families feel "heard" when their gut instinct says "something's not right" or "maybe I'm just not sure..."

Our vision - to see parents enjoying parenthood without the fear of not understanding their child

How will we can Support Your Child:

  • Group play experiences,  

  • Health based education, 

  • Individual consults at home

In the group programs - each week our Occupational Therapists will facilitate structured group activities to strengthen each of the sensory systems and emerging abilities for each child, and provide education for you along the way. 

We aim to have programs and services available in October 2016 - until then, you are invited to book an individual appointment with the Occupational Therapists from Early Links if you have
concerns or questions

Sensory Processing

Sensory processing is our brain’s ability to take in information, filter and organise the information, and respond accordingly. It is an important process that takes place in everything we do whether it’s exercising, playing, eating or socialising. An early start in strengthening these skills will promote success in our child’s everyday life.



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