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We are excited to begin our partnership with you and from our services you can expect that we will passionately share many practical strategies with you that aim to make your everyday life easier.

To help individualise your initial appointment and more specifically meet your needs, please fill out the relevant “Welcome Pack” and send it to your Occupational Therapist, before your first appointment.

Children 3-years old, or younger

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Children in primary school

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Young adults (parent as caregiver)

Adults (full assessment)

Adults ( skip this step for health screenings)

Completed forms can be emailed to info@earlylinks.com.au
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Each service/session requires payment using one of the following options. Please select your preferred option and our admin team will support your occupational therapist in organising these payments promptly after each session/service
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When any University student is invited to attend a therapy session and/or meeting, they do so under the supervision (direct/indirect) of a qualified occupational therapist who has identified their skills as appropriate and their behaviour at a professional standard which supports and often increases the service outcomes.
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Early Links uses an Australian Company to host secure and encrypted serves in Sydney. Information is password protected and any activity is logged digitally
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The above information is accurate at the time of submitting this form. When/if any information changes, it is the responsibility of the client/caregiver to notify Early Links in writing (email to : info@earlylinks.com.au)


Learn more about your Occupational Therapist by reading their profile here, or browse our library of resources which provides general information for educational purposes. Any questions you have regarding this information and whether it’s relevant for your situation, please refer to your OT within sessions or by email/web-form.

If you have any further concerns or comments please let us know immediately so that we can help resolve any issues or miscomunications - contact us.

Making Daily Life Easier with Practical Strategies
— The Early Links VISION Statement