Handwriting Intervention


Does your child:

  • Find ways to avoid sitting down when it’s time to do homework?

  • Have difficulty producing legible handwriting?

  • Seem to take longer than usual in completing home and class assignments?


How We Can Support Your Child

Doing homework can be tricky when your child is reluctant to pick up the pencil. Early Links Occupational Therapists will help breakdown the processes needed for handwriting. Our therapists will assess the skills your child needs to sit at the table, hold the pencil and maintain attention.

Sessions for Handwriting will include:

  • Activities to improve postural control and major muscle groups needed to stay seated at the table

  • Strategies to improve focus and concentration by teaching your child how to recognise their alertness

  • Direct practice to improve handwriting speed and legibility


Speak with an Occupational Therapist about help with Handwriting - click here

Learn more about how the Early Links Team will assess and create a performance program