Soft Tissue Treatment

Using a combination of trigger point release, myofascial treatment, stretching and strengthening, plus education about the impact positional and repetitive movements, soft tissue OT can have a positive effect on overall performance. Chronic pain, tension and balancing muscle patterns following acute injury/incident, are all aspects of typical movement and occupation that can be supported through the use of soft tissue OT.

Studied as a postgraduate course, soft tissue OT is a specific area of practice which is provided by therapists at Early Links. This practice does not include manipulation of joints and/or pressure directly on underlying organs/nerves. Soft Tissue OT does use techniques aimed at reducing "knots" in muscles and returning optimal muscle movement/function, including balance between opposing muscle groups. Early Links OTs will often combine soft tissue practice with functional neurology techniques to optimise the neuromuscular results - aka "relaxation and connection to body movement"

Depending on your condition, your Occupational Therapist may suggest including soft tissue treatments in your next session. Most commonly used within the stage 2 of an Achievement Plan and/or with athletes in the maintenance phase of their Performance Plan.