Following the guidelines set out by the Australian Government's Working with Children with Autism Package our services focus on developing self-regulation using the ALERT Program and directly teaching skills for challenging daily activities. Our Therapist are covered to provide sessions under the FaHCSIA Funding model as well as GP Plans, Mental Healthcare Plan and Diagnostic Criteria Plans (if eligible). As Temple Grandin wrote in 2015 - 

Fear is the main emotion in autism and ...Any little thing that looks out of place, such as a piece of paper blowing in the wind, may cause fear. Objects that make sudden movements are the most fear-provoking. In the wild, sudden movement is feared because predators make sudden movements.

We believe that our role when working with families who have a child(s) with Autism that we work towards helping the whole family build skills around understanding and assisting participation in everyday experiences across many areas of daily life. For it is when we have mastered the skill of understanding how to resolve our challenges, we no longer fear. 
Goals around self-care routines, social gathering, education and learning, fitness and outdoors, sleep, play and relationship with others.are all important when working with families who have a child(s) with Autism.

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Jacky Peile has also co-authored a book - "Reach the Sky; Unlocking Gabe's Autism" which is available on and details the story of the very first family Jacky worked with on their Autism journey. Alana, Gabe's mother also shares her advice.  

A free chapter is available here,
or the full copy can be downloaded here

Cathy Lette wrote on Twitter - 

"Congratulations on publishing the book"

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