Swapping Screen-time for "Green-time"

It was lovely to catch up with Mia from "Mums of the Shire" last month to discuss the evidence and implications for child development with the ever increasing use of technology within our daily lives and surrounding the upbringing of our children. Mia is passionate about health and fitness while creating a safe place for mums to connect with each other and find local resources to help them raise happy, healthy children. 

The following is an exert from our conversation, which is a published in full on the Mums of the Shire website. The article is a mix of information you may not know about screen-time and practical strategies for helping kids to access more time outside in today's busy world.

Check it out...

We spoke with Jacky Peile, owner of Early Links OT, to help us understand why swapping screen time is vital for a child’s development and practical strategies to help achieve this swap.

What’s better than escaping the house and getting out in nature with your kiddies? Playing outdoors and in nature is more than just fun for our kids, it actually plays a crucial role in their development and children of all ages and sizes need it.

Young children will urge you to go outdoors for playtime. They want to explore nature and listen to the sounds that the world has created. They are driven to seek the sounds of the birds chirping and the wind in the trees, while they run around barefooted in the grass.

Outdoor play is an...
— http://www.mumsoftheshire.com.au/children-swapping-screen-time-green-time/