What did a trip to Cambodia teach me?

This trip was a challenge that I accepted and set in August with Luke McLeod (@TheSoulSociety) to “do something that pushed my comfort zone and helped me see the world from a new perspective” and to “celebrate my achievements before setting new goals for 2019” - I never imagined how powerful that decision was going to become... This trip created many wonderfully powerful moments. The experiences recharged my energy after a massive year and showed me how the simple things in life can create so much happiness. In short... what did I learn?

The 10-days that I was out of Sydney were full on, fast paced, and left very little time for thinking about anything other than the present moment. Which by definition is mindfulness, and perhaps the reason why I felt so rested despite waking most mornings at 6am, then being active until 9pm when my head rested on the pillow for sleep time. The days were perfected planned and organised by Intrpid Travel and executed wonderfully by our experienced Guide “Wannie” who shared many in depth stories, long-winded jokes, and valuable information about Cambodian Culture, Traditions, and current Challenges. Our group often remarked that we never felt rushed, or pushed to stop exploring to keep to schedule.


When you whole-heartedly decide to engage with people who surround you, it creates situations which are enjoyable, playful, and build stronger expereinces.


Really sitting back, acknowledging the achievements you have made, and reflecting on the process you took to gain that performance can be so powerful when setting your next goals.


Hearing about new information (in my case, the history of Cambodian culture) can spark new learning pathways in your brain and increase thinking and creativity when you return to routine work activities


Choosing how to respond to difficult situations before reacting can help you maintain a more positive outlook on a challenging situation, from which you will grow and discover more about yourself.


Being around new people, new situations, new cultures, and new experiences is challenging. It also provides an opportunity to step outside the "persona" we define ourselves by, and creates space for who we have grown into to show through.


Step outside the normal, grow into who you have become, and be present in the moment. It’s amazing how much we discover about what we need in our immediate world, and where we need to focus to acheive further goals.