Group Holiday Programs

Holiday Programs

School holidays are a time for family, fun, and recovering from the fatigue that 10-weeks of learning will place on little brains and bodies. Holidays are also a great opportunity to refine the foundation abilities which help children to better adapt to the learning and memory demands of the next school term. The Occupational Therapists from Early Links have partnered with education specialists to provide group programs which encourage and support various skills and abilities to develop within activities typically explored during school holiday time. Check the What's New section for open Group registrations

Zoo Day

A fun-filled day for the who family to enjoy. With the support of volunteer University Students, we can provide families with additional support and in the moment strategies to manage challenging behaviours, feelings of overwhelm for both children and parents, plus offer siblings an opportunity to connect with other kids in similar situations.

Please let us know if you're interested as we will run these events one weekends or in school holidays when multiple families are available


Breathing, posture and stability are all key abilities which are required to have the endurance to sit at a table for 5 hours per day, and to play competently with your friends for another 2 hours per day. Our YOGA program is taught by qualified yoga instructors and will also have an OT in the group to support various needs and to help children reference their change in attention, concentration, and posture in terms of helping with school-based learning.

Groups run for 45-mins & parents are encouraged to participate too

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TBA when  this group is next running


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School Readiness Groups

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