School Readiness

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Starting BIG School is a significant step in a child's life and can be a cause of much stress within the family too. Many parents focus on the readiness of their child's motor skills and knowledge before starting school, however, without solid foundations, none of these skills will be easily expressed by your child.

In the January school holidays, each year, The Occupational Therapists from Early Links team up with education specialists to create and run a school readiness program which supports children to develop their foundation abilities, including -

  • Self-care skills

  • Posture

  • Concentration

  • Endurance for table top activities

  • Emotional regulation

  • Self-regulation

  • Following routines

  • Listening and asking questions
    ...and more

These foundation abilities will be practiced within the activities most common at school, including - writing and drawing, playing ball games, making new friends, looking after your belongings, and problem-solving when learning become tricky

We have groups running each year, so click here to see if groups are open yet


Classroom Mastery

For kids who need a little help with fine motor skills and their endurance for concentrating...

School Success

For kids who need a little help with following routines and staying happy when routines change...


Both groups run in mid-January in our Caringbah Clinic

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