When teachers and mentors become colleagues and friends

Now, here’s a crazy thought… what would it be like if your mentors become inspired and fascinated with the way you thought about their speciality or expert field? What would happen if your teachers asked you to collaborate with them on projects that were bigger than your planning had allowed you to think?

You start to Live the Life you Imagine!
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This BLOG explores how you can genuinely contribute to the work your mentors and teachers are passionate about, and how this opens up the opportunities to build partnerships and life-long friendships that will ultimately accelerate your career.

Oh... and a little sneak peak into some of the projects that I’m currently working towards...I’m a little excited about these little projects (well, maybe, TOTALLY OVER-EXCITED...if I’m speaking from my heart)...I’m like a kid in a candy shop at the moment or a pig in mud...got the picture yet??

I’ve been blessed over my lifetime to have found some amazing people who were willing to share their expertise and experience with me. Only recently, have I started thinking about why these people, who had invested huge amounts of time (and money) into building their own expertise, would be willing to share it with me.

A few special mentions to make before we get down to what, I believe, are the important lessons to realise before mentors and teachers start to become friends and colleagues -

  • Mrs Kerry Feeham - my Pre-school teacher

  • Mrs Claire White - my Kindy teacher

  • Elaine “Nara” Gilchrist - my Girl Guide Leader

  • My family

These people have all contributed, from a very early stage, to developing my self-awareness and my ability to ask questions . As I said before in many of my blogs I thank my family for all the unconditional support and love. The three ladies that I mentioned all showed me that knowing who you are and being proud of that is a quality that many people will respect and easily love. Nara -  you taught me that personal challenge is crucial to self-development. Mrs White -  you taught me that a firm handshake is Golden when making a lasting first impression. Mrs Feeham - You taught me to be curious and ignited a passion for exploring the world around me.

Thank you...Thank you...Thank you


One of my mentors once said “your vision, will inspire others to change the world, with you” Just like ripples in a pond, once the first stone is cast, the ripples grow in ever larger circles. In this case, the stone is the task of writing down your vision, the action of throwing the stone into the water, is when you share your vision with your closest audience, and finally, the ripples are the messages that other people spread about your Vision. Build your vision based on the values you hold true in your life, for then will take on a life of it’s own and attract the right people onto each of the missions you will undertake to realise your Vision.

To see people live the life they imagine by resolving daily challenges


When you find special people, the kind of person, who challenges you to think bigger, learn faster and to implement with greater awareness of the end-goal...these are the people you need to surround yourself with. Take in what these individuals have to share. It is often that these individuals, who have vast amounts of knowledge and experience, just want to share their stories and save others the heartache and the stress they felt earlier in their own journey.  

Be ready to listen but do not copy or replicate


It’s okay to ask for help, it’s okay to admit you don’t understand and it’s certainly ok to clarify the best application of new information. Being vulnerable is about being prepared to share your thinking openly and when you’re challenged to explain your opinion begin able to enter into a discussion, not a debate or an argument. To position your thinking and opinion as an exploration of the topic rather than a point of view will invite collaboration and allow you to practice ‘point two’ a little more, simply become a sponge and absorb.

You don’t need to know everything… just know who does have the answer


Give generously; of your time, your experiences, your opinion and of yourself (values). It is human nature to form deeper relationships with people who mirror a capacity to understand your desires/needs and then, to meet them. It’s called the CARE primary emotion and it’s reflected among all mammals. The spontaneous, yet meaningful gifts are the most easily accepted. Something as simple as recalling their favourite coffee, remembering to mention family events, or sending a small gift which links their memory back to a shared experience.

Keep giving, keep building your relationship

Be cool

It's so easy to get carried away and over excited when you start to live the life you imagine. Building something that’s bigger than the current version of you is scary and wonderful all at once. BE COOL, is reminding that your mentors and teachers first became inspired and fascinated with your thinking because it was your way of thinking. “Go with it”.. let the amazing experiences fill you with pride and awareness of what is possible in your life.
But remember to always reset, reframe and restart at the beginning of each breath.

Celebrating success is powerful

As with most of my BLOGS, there’s a challenge that I will throw-out to you…

Comment below - Which aspect of building inspired, deep relationships with your mentors and teachers will you be implementing over the next 6-months?


I’m not naming names (yet)… but there are currently four (4) people I would love to spend more time with and collaborate on their projects to learn from their years of experience in Business, Entrepreneurship, Occupational Therapy and Neuroscience.


Who will you inspire today with your VISION?

Who will you ABSORB education from today?

Who will you share your VULNERABILITY with today?

Who will you give to today out of respect?

Who will today, see your BE COOL nature?